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Singles with Denim

Touch of Magic / Comin' On Home (1973, GRT)

Make It All Worthwhile /  Comin' To A Party (1973, Janus)

You Look Good in Denim / Lady of the Night (1973, GRT)

Solo Singles

Some Kind Of Fool / Fast Eddie (1974, GRT)

Lady Ellen / Lady Comes (1974, GRT)

The Album - James Leroy and Denim (1973, GRT)

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Track Listing:

You Look Good in Denim - Lyrics
Anniversay Waltz
Someday Soon
Comin' To a Party
Make It All Worthwhile -
Touch of Magic -
Comin' on Home
Lady of the Night
Take A Look At Life
Friends and Brothers


Rarities with Denim

When the War is Over*

Anniversary Song*

It's All Worth While*

Lampton County*

Martin Town Diary*

Doctor My Eyes **

Reelin' In the Years **

Lady of the Night **

House on a Hill **

I Should Have Known ****

Rarities with the Terry Crawford Band 1978***

Drum Intro

You Look Good in Denim

Make it all Worthwhile

Touch of Magic


Oh My My

I'm a Sailor

* Special thanks to Quentin Meek for sharing these MP3s. All songs copyrighted.
From Quentin Meek - I recorded a Demo of James in Montreal in the early seventies at Studio Six (I was a staff recording engineer there between 1971 and 1976 after-which I went free-lance). The songs we did were: It's all worth while, When the War is Over, Lampton County, Martin Town Diary and Anniversary Song. Harvey was there at the session and Val Tuck sang background. Not sure but I have the feeling Doug Orr played bass. I really liked JL's music at this stage and was disappointed when he went to Toronto and got (IMHO) over-produced.

From Gary Comeau of Denim - It wasn't Doug Orr on the demos, it was Wayne Leslie. Wayne played Bass and sang harmonies. It was the first group we put together. There's too much steel playing because we didn't have a guitar player at the time.
** Special thanks to Gary Comeau for sharing these MP3s.
From Gary Comeau of Denim - Track 6 "Here's a little goodie from Queens University 1973, Dave singing Dr. My Eyes." Track 7 "Charlie singing Reelin' in the Years" Tracks 8 & 9 "Lady of the Night,was live at the Generator in Toronto about 1973, Up on the Roof was at Queens University."

*** A big special thank you to Helen Horoky who sent me a cassette with these songs.  Her brother John Hannah is on drums and backing vocals.
From Dale Saunders of the Terry Crawford Band - Regarding two unidentified rarities, slower ballad is called 'Family' basically a biography of James' father and uncle and some off-spring who had established homesteads around Ponoka, near Red Deer Alberta. During a western tour James had an opportunity to reconnect and spend a couple of weeks with some kin. He wrote this as a tribute. The second tune that begins with the hammond solo is called 'Oh My My'. It's just basically a happy bouncy tune. James presented the band with a bare-bones idea. We jammed on it and fleshed-out the arrangement that you hear on the recording. The recording is taken directly from the mixing board onto a boom box cassette recorder. my recollection is that location was 'Tall Boys' (nightclub) in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. during autumn of 1978. In the song 'Sailor' James plays the preamble on an RMI electric piano into a Maestro phase-shifter.  Notice how his voice completely changes when he says "Loneliness is the most horrible word in the English language. It's also the most horrible feeling". It is complete sincerity as he temporarily deviates from the 'DeeJay announcer'- sounding voice. It was typical in that on occasions he would be doing some type of shtick and suddenly become completely genuine and vulnerable.

**** Thanks to Gary Comeau for this track
From Gary Comeau - came across this rehersal track from very early on in the life of the band.Its Val singing one of James's songs.This song never did see the light of day,its pretty rough but its one of very few Val sang.The arrangement on this tape is far from finished,we were just trying to get an idea of how to approach it