James Leroy and Denim

James Leroy and Denim

A Touch of Magic - The James Leroy and Denim Story (2013)

A few years back I got the idea to make a documentary about James Leroy and Denim. Running this site put me in touch with a lot of people associated with the band, some of who lived nearby to me. In particular Gary Comeau, the original pedal steel guitarist in Denim, has been very forthcoming with providing me with information about the band. After a few years of starts and stops I was finally able to interview Gary and largely from that footage was able to put together a short video about the band. I hope you enjoy it.

Video of the Documentary Premiere

On June 1, 2013, a small group of people gathered to watch the video premiere of A Touch of Magic: The James Leroy and Denim Story. In attendance where two of the original band members Gary Comeau and Dave Oslund. Also there were there one-time manager Harvey Glatt and James' brother Ron. It was a great time. This is a short video of the event. Also, check out Wayne Dunham’s Facebook page on the event.

James Leroy on the Music Machine, performing a Touch of Magic (1974)

James Leroy on the Music Machine, performing Some Kind of Fool (1974)